Pakistan Defense day 6th September

Pakistan Defense day 6th September

Every year Pakistani nation pays tribute to its soldiers. And martyrs on 6th September. By celebrating Pakistan defense day. These are the heroes. Who defended the national geographical area of our motherland. And defeated the enemy in a spectacular way. Pakistan defense day is celebrated in commemoration of the day. When on 6 Sep 1965 Indian forces unlawfully. And without any intimation crossed. The international border of Pakistan. This act was not only in violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. But also against the charter of United Nations. This move of India. Claim to be known as the largest democracy in the world. Proved that for the sake of subjugating. The neighbor countries it can do to any extent.

Historical context of Pakistan defense day

It was a 16 days war. Even after these so many years that have passed by. There are still many who had witnessed the rebellious. And brutal nature of Indian attack. This memory couldn’t be removed from the minds of Pakistani population forever now. Because we keep on reminding our new generation. About the powerful retaliation. That was offered by Pakistani forces to Indian forces. Entire nation celebrate this day as Pakistan defense day with huge furor and zeal.

pakistan defence day

Strategic nature of war

As Indian forces entered into territory of Pakistan. Without any formal declaration of war. The time chosen was also really strategic in nature, at 3:00 A.M. After crossing the international border of west Pakistan. A three-pronged strategy was adopted. One attack was aimed against Lahore. Other against Sialkot. And last one against Rajasthan. Fire tanks were employed for capturing the plains of Punjab.

India’s move in context of International law

This conflict, leading to memory of Pakistan defense day. Interestingly not only affected and transformed. The bilateral conflicts between India and Pakistan. But also attracted the attention of super power. These powers were also concerned. About this territorial conflict. And as well as its consequences.  This invasion of India was in direct violation of international law. The charter of UN. Further, such act fails to reflect the behavior of civilized nation.

As far as the case of Pakistan is concerned. The Indian forces had to witness a clear failure. And were beaten back along with facing the huge loss. Pakistani army in consonance with the Air Force of Pakistan. Retaliated against the Indian occupation forces. And their offensive move was thrown back on them. Leading to ceremony of an auspicious day termed as Pakistan defense day.

The end of war

But still then. India was aiming for next offensive and illegal move. However this war came to end at 16th day. The question is how? United States of America. First of all, suspended every kind of military aid. And ammunition to both countries. Later both Soviet Union and U.S. jointly asked both the countries to stop the war. So as well as the escalating conflict could be brought under control. China offered support for Pakistan. And this act could escalate the tension further. So both U.S and Soviet Union asked the UN to intervene. And arrange the immediate ceasefire. And so ultimately ceasefire got into effect on Sep 23, 1965. Since that time. Pakistan celebrate this day of victory on nomenclature of Pakistan defense day.

Responsibility of citizens on Pakistan defense day

The day of 6th September. Known as Pakistan defense day. Is all about the 16 days of pride as our soldiers. Set examples of bravery. And courage? Pakistan defense day is a day of pride for us as a nation. The day when we successfully exhibited our grace. And dignity to our foe. And this is responsibility on our shoulders. That, in future, we have to maintain it in the same. As well as we should keep on praying for the protection. And solidarity of our homeland. And also that May Allah bestow us with the strength. Determination and zeal to safeguard the honor of our country. Ameen.

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